Music Evaluation Program

We have worked with publishers to set up a unique Netflix-style music evaluation program for teachers.

How it works

  1. About every 4-6 weeks, we send evaluation copies of music to you for review.
  2. Once you've had a chance to look them over, you simply send them back in the pre-paid envelope.
  3. When we receive them, we send you more.

Sound good? Enroll below. Not sure yet? We've got answers to your questions.


Why does this program exist?

In talking to teachers, we've learned that discovering new music is one of the largest frustrations. There are so many good pieces, method books, and publishers; a teacher will never find them all. This program allows you to focus on teaching and let the discovery just come to you.

What kind of books will I get?

It depends. Some may be new publications while others may be from small publishers that you've never heard of (but certainly meet our high standards!). We strive to send you books that will be interesting to you and your students while also expanding your repertoire.

What does this cost? Am I obligated to buy the books?

For now, the program is absolutely free. In the future, we may charge a nominal fee to help subsidize the exorbitant shipping costs, but we will never surprise you with it. And there will never be an obligation to buy anything.