Academic Libraries

Simply put, we make librarians lives easier.

Whether you are replacing old scores, looking for new editions, or hunting down hard-to-find items, we will get you what you need. Just call us at 215-592-1681 or shoot us a request at and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our goal is to eliminate the stress of researching, locating, and purchasing print music materials. We make your life easier by doing the work for you, so you can stay focused on what matters most - your collection.

A few reasons why you’ll love working with us:
  1. We accept orders in whatever format you need. Whether it's a formal purchase order or a hand-written list of ideas, just call or email us your request - whatever works for you, works for us!
  2. We'll do the hunting. We know you don't always have an ISBN/ISMN. So, whether it's one item or a list of a hundred, we're happy to take whatever information you have, do the research, and present you with concrete options.
  3. We understand you. You’re in the business of collecting music and we’re in the business of selling it; it's what we do and love. We know the publishers that have hidden gems, the ones that take forever to ship, and every quirky detail in between.
  4. We’re easy to get a hold of (and awfully nice, too!). We’re a small team, often on a first name basis with our customers. We’re obsessively quick to respond over email and we also love to talk on the phone, so please call or email us anytime!
  5. We fulfill our promises. Communication is the basis of a great relationship. We’ll be clear up front about when items are expected to ship and when you will receive them. Of course, things can happen, and so we are always proactive about communicating any delays.
In case you’re wondering:
  • Yes, we know you’re tax exempt and we won't charge you tax.
  • Yes, we accept purchase orders in any form.
  • Yes, we can work with your finance department (and we know they can be slow!)
  • If you’d prefer to prepay by credit card, we can do that too.
Sound too good to be true? Welcome to Ficks Music, your one-stop shop for sheet music and more.