Beethoven: Complete Songs for Voice and Piano - Volume 1

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Format Descriptions
Format Descriptions

Publishers use a lot of words to describe what they sell, and we know it can be confusing. We've tried to be as clear as possible to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Below are descriptions of the terms that we use to describe the various formats that music often comes in.

Choral Score
A score for vocalists that only contains the vocal lines. The instrumental parts are not there for reference. Generally, cheaper than a vocal score and requires multiple copies for purchase.

Facsimile of the Autograph
These are hardcover, research-quality reproductions of the original hand-written scores from the composer.

Some publishers print a hardbound, linen-covered version in addition to the standard paperback. The music inside is identical. These editions are beautiful though rarely cheap.

Orchestral Parts
Similar to a wind set, this is a collection of parts. In the case of strings, the numbers listed are the strength of the section, so would mean 16 first violins and 8 copies.

When publishers offer multiple bindings (e.g. hardcover) or study scores, this is the "standard" version. If you're planning to play the music, this is probably what you want.

Performance / Playing Score
For chamber pieces, playing scores have all of the parts on one system. There are not separate parts for each player.

Score (Full Score)
For ensemble music, this indicates that the edition contains all parts on a single system (there are not separate parts for each player). In larger ensembles, this is for the conductor.

Set of Parts
For ensemble music, this indicates that there are separate parts for each player.

Solo Part with Piano Reduction
For solo pieces with orchestra, this is a version that contains a piano reduction of the orchestra parts. For piano pieces, two copies are typically needed for performance.

Study Score
A small (think choral size) copy of the complete score meant for studying, and not playing. They make great add-ons when learning concertos and small chamber works.

Vocal Score
A score prepared for vocalists that includes the piano/organ part or a reduction of the instrumental parts.

Wind Set
For orchestral music, this is a collection of wind and percussion parts. The specific quantities of each instrument are notated.

With Audio
In addition to the printed music, the edition contains recordings of the pieces. This may be an included CD, or access to files on the internet.

With / Without Fingering (Markings)
Some publishers prepare two copies - a pure Urtext edition that includes no fingering (or bowing) suggestions and a lightly edited version that includes a minimal number of editorial markings.


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    1. Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
    2. Editor: Helga Lühning
    3. Instrumentation: Piano, Voice, High Voice
    4. ISMN: 979-020180533-7
    5. Size: 9.3 x 12.2 inches
    6. Pages: 109
    7. Urtext / Critical Edition
  • Contains the following pieces:
    1. Schilderung eines Mädchens, WoO 107
    2. An einen Säugling, WoO 108
    3. Der freie Mann (second version), WoO 117
    4. Urians Reise um die Welt, Op. 52, No. 1
    5. Feuerfarb' (second version), Op. 52, No. 2
    6. Das Liedchen von der Ruhe, Op. 52, No. 3
    7. Maigesang, Op. 52, No. 4
    8. Mollys Abschied, Op. 52, No. 5
    9. Die Liebe, Op. 52, No. 6
    10. Marmotte, Op. 52, No. 7
    11. Das Blümchen Wunderhold, Op. 52, No. 8
    12. Ich liebe dich, so wie du mich, WoO 123
    13. La partenza, WoO 124
    14. Adelaide, Op. 46
    15. Abschiedsgesang an Wiens Bürger, WoO 121
    16. Kriegslied der Österreicher, WoO 122
    17. Opferlied (second version), WoO 126
    18. Neue Liebe, neues Leben (first version), WoO 127
    19. La tiranna, WoO 125
    20. Bitten, Op. 48, No. 1
    21. Die Liebe des Nächsten, Op. 48, No. 2
    22. Vom Tode, Op. 48, No. 3
    23. Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur, Op. 48, No. 4
    24. Gottes Macht und Vorsehung, Op. 48, No. 5
    25. Bußlied, Op. 48, No. 6
    26. Lebensglück, Op. 88
    27. Der Wachtelschlag, WoO 129
    28. An die Hoffnung (first version), Op. 32
    29. Elegie auf den Tod eines Pudels, WoO 110
    30. Als die Geliebte sich trennen wollte, WoO 132
    31. In questa tomba oscura (second version), WoO 133
    32. Sehnsucht (4 versions), WoO 134
    33. Andenken, WoO 136
    34. Lied aus der Ferne/Der Jüngling in der Fremde, WoO 138
    35. Gesang aus der Ferne, WoO 137
    36. Der Liebende, WoO 139
    37. Kennst du das Land, Op. 75, No. 1
    38. Neue Liebe, neues Leben (second version), Op. 75, No. 2
    39. From Goethe's Faust, Op. 75, No. 3
    40. Gretels Warnung (second version), Op. 75, No. 4
    41. An den fernen Geliebten, Op. 75, No. 5
    42. Der Zufriedene, Op. 75, No. 6

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